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Increasing website retention and affiliate revenues with a blog

While blogs have been around for a while, it’s mostly these last couple of years that their use as marketing tools has been fully embraced.

If operated as vehicles for useful information, rather than as diaries rambling about boring everyday lives, blogs can become powerful retention tools that will make your site sticky and bring your visitors back on a regular basis.

Whatever your site’s specialty is, providing insight and tips on your business and/or industry might turn you into an authority in your field, not only increasing site retention but also attracting new visitors, since blogs also have the advantage to be search-engine friendly.

In addition, beside the increased traffic they can generate, blogs can provide an additional source of revenues, through advertising but, most importantly, through endorsements of programs you’re affiliated with. Because recommendations have a higher impact than advertising, if you blog about an employment-related matter, don’t forget to mention our Resume services and include Employment911 affiliate links in your text.

Published Friday, January 20, 2006 2:08 PM by fred
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